What she said:

Introduction week in Cape Town:

“The first week in Cape Town was mindblowing and I’ve seen so much. In the run-up, I had worried about crime, equipped me with breeches and other things. On the spot it seemed to me ridiculous. Of course, there are corners that you should not visit alone and certainly not in the dark. But I never felt uncomfortable, all the people there are warm and friendly. In general, South Africa is a tourist center and the overall mood of the city is positive. Packing hiking boots does not hurt in any case! Cape Town offers everything: from big city troubles and shopping opportunities to skydives to safaris.”


Volunteering at her project:

The three weeks of voluntary work at the Wildlife Preservation Foundation at Oudtshoorn were immediate and I had already regretted not having planned for it after a few days. I was as close to many incredibly impressive animals as I probably will never be again and have done a lot of unforgettable. My highlights, apart from the fact that my workplace was between cheetahs and crocodiles, were our weekend trips: a three-hour ride, paintball, Crocodile Cage Dive, Shark Cage Dive, Canyoning, cheer with cheetahs and look over the shoulder.
My working hours were surprisingly less extensive than imagined, so I had to work only on weekdays from 7.50 till about 16 clock. In addition, we had 30min early on Tuesdays and Thursdays, since we went to the days with our hosts in the city center for shopping.
After that, we were completely free. It was quite unusual to have so much of the day so early. So be sure to read enough. The accommodation is clean and cozy. It is even freshly cooked every day and the food is delicious. The welfare of animals is always at the forefront and you learn a lot. I recommend it to anyone who likes to work physically and close to wild animals.

Additional activities:

Other than her Intro week & Voluntary work she also experienced:

  • Shark Cage diving
  • Canoeing
  • Several activities on the Garden Route

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