My time in South Africa:

My adventure started on the 5.6th in Hanover, where I started off early in the morning with the first flight to Amsterdam. Once I arrived, I finally realized that it was really time, in a few hours I would land in Cape Town and get to know a world that I have only known from books and films. After an 11 hour flight I reached the airport in Cape Town and was greeted warmly by a contact person there and brought to my hostel. When I arrived there, I found myself in a room with many other participants who planned a two-week round trip through South Africa and with whom I will spend the next two weeks.

The first week in Cape Town was characterized by impressing moments, wonderful places and experiences with local people I would not miss any more. Unfortunately, the weather made some excursions difficult and so we had to fight with severe storms, but we did not let the mood spoil. One of the most formative moments for me was when we had the opportunity to visit the Langa Township in Cape Town. We all had a weird feeling to visit this place and had a bit of jit that we would be unwanted there .. but when we reached the township with our Tour Guide, which is at home, we were positively surprised by how warm and open The inhabitants faced us.

This visit has shown me how important it is to make the best of all situations and I admire how people keep their joy and joy of life there. I was terribly sad to see how people had to live under such conditions and yet I found it unbelievable how amiable and open-minded the little children came to us and led us right through their home.

If you are in Cape Town, of course, you have to visit the Table Mountain! From there you have an incredible view of Cape Town and is a lot closer to the sky. I myself could not stop photographing, because I have never seen anything comparable.

Also the waterfront, is always worth a visit. From a huge food mall to shopping centers, you can find everything there and the best, you are right on the water with a great view of the Tafelberg and the harbor.

 In the second week of the round trip, we went to the Garden Route with Sorita, who took care of us on the ground. Our first stop was in Oudtshoorn, where it later also went into my project. In Oudtshoorn we visited the Cango Wildlife Ranch and had the opportunity to explore the ranch more precisely and to attack the animals. Who ever wanted to caress a cheetah is just right there! But I will come back later. After visiting the ranch, we went on to Wilderness, to a beautiful beach before going to our hostel.

The next day we went to Plettenberg Bay in the early morning, our first game drive was on the program! Animals I only knew from the zoo were now seen in the wild. For me, this was an incredibly spectacular experience and the joy was even greater when it went to the beach, which is incredibly beautiful and conveys the feeling of pure nature.

The next day we went to Jeffreys Bay, the surfer’s paradise in South Africa! So what would be a visit to Jeffreys Bay without even being on the surfboard? In the morning we went to our two-hour surfing course, where we could test ourselves as a surfer. Afterwards, we are still strolling through the city, which is dominated by surfshops like Billabong and many more. We slept in the Island Vibe, which was probably one of the nicest hostels, as this was right on the beach.

From Jeffreys Bay we went the next day to Knysna, where we made an intermediate stop at the highest bungee jumping area in the world. I myself am an absolute adrenaline junkie and so I had to dare, of course, the bungee jump, I can only say one thing: “madness”! So if you have the opportunity to make a bungee jump there, you can trust it is an incredibly exciting experience! In the evening we went to Knysna, where we watched the sunset on a sunset cruise. I have rarely seen such a beautiful sunset!

On the last day we went again on a Game Drive in Mosselbay, where unfortunately only the weather has made the visibility somewhat more difficult. Afterwards we went back to Cape Town to spend our last day together before going on to the various projects for some of us

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