The road trip in South Africa was very important for me, even if it was only 2 weeks.
The first week in Cape Town was really interesting. One learns a lot about the history of South Africa,
but also over the districts directly in Cape Town. The township tour was emotional but mine
Opinion very important. In the week you will also learn about neighboring towns like Stellenbosch and Paarl
their style are unique.

The whole organization was great, you had many excursions, but still time for your own
Plans. In my opinion, the main sights and excursions are through the
Organization. One experiences so many things every day and in the evening one is flat of the
many new impressions.

The Cape of Good Hope was very fascinating for me. One drives through the
unpolluted national park until you come to the “Cape Point”. For me it was almost one
magical moment to stand up there and around one is only water far and wide!
Highlights were also the hike to the Tafelberg (on your own) and the
Penguin colony in Simon’s Town, which lives on a stunning beach.

The hostel, where you in the first week is, is great. There is always something going on and
one can quickly get to know people who come from different cultures and countries and
with whom you can exchange.

The second week on the Garden Route then aroused the South African feeling. The country is
so diverse in its landscape and nature: mountains, sea, savannah, bare desert regions and sometimes you feel almost like on another planet. One comes out of the astonishment no longer out.

My personal favorite place: Jeffrey’s Bay
Highlights were the two Game Drives and the surf course as well as the hostel in Jeffrey’s Bay.
On the Game Drives you get the BIG 5 and other wild animals very close and is suddenly
Eye to eye with a lion that is only 5 meters away from one. But you do not need any
To be afraid, it is not dangerous. 😉

What you should know when you come in July or August:
It is a bit colder than you think and it is dark at 6 o’clock, which one for his
Afternoon planning. But it is still a wonderful time to go to South Africa
to travel. There is no bad weather, only bad clothing ;-). So think of warm and
rain-proof clothes and hiking boots if you climb the Tafelberg or Lion’s Head

The supply is everywhere super, one has a savings next to the hostel and also on the garden
Route is always a supermarket nearby. You are on a small bus where you can go
to leave your luggage safely. However,

I would advise not to put too much luggage on the Garden Route
because you always only one night in the same hostel remains and then travels.
Conclusion: The mentality and the culture of the people is absolutely impressive and I think of it
one can cut off a large disk. Nature, as already mentioned, is madness.

Our group was like a small family, the time in South Africa I will never forget.
The caretakers were part of our small family and have our needs at all times about their needs
own. You felt absolutely safe and well looked after at any time. they got us
also included in the planning and fulfilled our wishes.

In the end I did not want to go home at all. I will definitely return and then for
a longer time 

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