I really enjoyed my time at the after school program and all the activities with the kids. My days at the Centre started at 1pm and the kids arrived there between 1pm and 2pm.

After a short lunch-break began one lesson mathematics and one lesson English, where I had the opportunity to pick some kids out of class to teach them individual, promote their knowledge and get them more confident with reading and speaking another language. After the lessons the leisure activities started.

So I helped the kids with their homework or with some school projects for the next week or we just played basketball outside and relaxed after school. So time flies by so fast at the center and suddenly the day is already over. The kids are so lovely and make you feel like their best friend directly.

So at the last days it was quite sad to leave them and go back to Germany, but I think I will keep in touch with them all. And who knows, maybe I will come back again and see them soon. On the weekends when the center was closed I went to some incredible places in Namibia like the Etosha National Park or the famous Dune 45 at the red dessert Sossusvlei.

Every single trip was such a beautiful adventure, so I cannot imagine that it really happened. At least I can really recommend all the trips in Namibia as well as the volunteering and the whole stay with Claim Victory Tours in a very different country as my home country, Germany. I have gained so many new impressions and experiences which let me grow beyond myself.

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