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This project is an afternoon care in Windhoek, which was founded in 2005. During the week, around 170 children are cared for from the first to the seventh grade during the afternoon. 

They get a lunch from the project, they are helped with their homework and they get two hours of tutoring in English and mathematics.

Important information

  • Arrive and depart from Windhoek
  • Minimum age requirement of 18
  • Volunteer 2 – 12 weeks
  • Airport transfers included
  • Accommodation provided
  • Price starting from 455€ (2019) 

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  • Applications are free
  • 24 Hour response time
  • 2-week period to accept service offer
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Particular emphasis is placed on children’s physical activity. Therefore, after the tutoring sports and educational programs are carried out. On Friday there will be no tuition, but the children will have the opportunity to practice tennis, basketball, football or swimming (if the municipal swimming pool is open). In addition, there is a trampoline on the site of the project.

The project is looking for volunteers who can take on responsibility, who are motivated to help, work in a team and support the children in reading, writing and arithmetic. In addition, any kind of hobbies and talents (sports, music, art, theater, languages, etc.) are welcome!

Volunteer duties & tasks:

  • Care of the children and cooperation in the project
  • Homework help
  • Conducting sports and leisure activities

The tasks in the project are varied and depend on the current needs of the children.

Working hours:

  • Generally, you work from Monday to Friday from 13:00 to 18:00. 
  • An individual work plan is created on-site together with the project. 
  • You can also take individual days off during the week. 
  • The weekends are mostly free.
  • You are welcome to do sports or other activities with the children on weekends, the project is always happy about that. 
  • As you can see, the project is very flexible with working hours.

Important information regarding the project:

  • Is Internet available? Internet is not available at the project itself, but you will have free Wifi at your accommodation.
  • How many volunteers can help? There is no limit to the number of volunteers who can attend this program.
  • How many employees work at the project? There are 6 full-time employees at the project
  • Any restrictions as to when to volunteer? You can volunteer all year round. 
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The project can not provide accommodation. You live in the Backpacker (shared room) in the center of Windhoek and close to the project. There you will meet many other young people with whom you can spend your free time. The transfer costs to the project are about N $ 20 / stretch (about € 1.50).

There is a well-equipped kitchen in the hostel where you can prepare your meals. Wi-Fi is available for free.

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The prices:


Weeks Price
2 455€
3 558€
4 661€
5 764€
6 867€
7 970€
8 1073€
9 1176€
10 1279€
11 1382€
12 1485€


Our services:

Before departure:

  • Placement at project personally visited & approved by a Claim Victory member.
  • Detailed information & service package with all needed information
  • Flight advice & checking of travel insurance
  • List of fellow travelers who will be joining you at the project


  • Airport transfers (Pick up & drop off) at Windhoek airport
  • All project-related costs (Accommodation & project work)
  • Dedicated volunteer coordinator located on-site at the project
  • 24/7 Local emergency assist number of Claim Victory

After return:

  • Feedback/Debriefing (Optional)
  • Certificate of volunteering (Optional)

If you want to attend this project a Volunteer Visa will be required. We assist you with the whole process. 



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