1 – 12 Weeks Volunteering

Some information regarding the project:

The Educational After School Program is open from 1 pm to 6 pm Monday to Friday.  They have 170 children enrolled.  Each day the children are provided with a simple lunch, homework assistance and then two hours of formal instruction (one hour of math, one hour of English).  The learners are in grades 1 to 7.  After classes there are sports and educational games.  On Fridays there are no formal classes and learners can participate in tennis, basketball, soccer and swimming.

Working duties:

  • Assisting the children with their home work especially Maths and English (Grade 1 -7)
  • Remedial teaching
  • Being a positive role model to the children
  • Forming a bond with the children that often have no trustworthy adult in their lives
  • Supervising educational games and sports activities for the children

Skills required:

  • Responsible
  • Self-motivated
  • Mature
  • Likes children
  • Has an interest in assisting children with reading/writing and maths,
  • Kind, thoughtful, sincere
  • A team player
  • Any special talents or skills for example in the field of sports, music, art, drama, crafts, foreign languages, etc.

If interested in joining this program, please keep in mind that a Volunteer Visa will be required during your stay. 

The cost of the Volunteer Visa is R1650.00 (South African Rand) and our Visa agent, situated locally, will handle the whole process for you. 

We provide all the needed documents to make the process as less stressful as possible. 

Volunteers will have to arrange their own transport during work days to and from the project. We provide a trustworthy contact, who you can make use of during your time, with the average cost being R30.00 per day (South African Rand)

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