Desert & Wildlife research project


The research takes place in a huge 352km2 wildlife reserve and lies in a landscape that can hardly be described in words.

There you will find the famous Namibian sand dunes, endless expanses and desert.

The area is home to free-range kudu, springbok, ostrich, oryx antelope, desert lynx, hyena, and jackal.

The research is focused on cheetahs, hyenas, leopards and other predators living in the desert.

Important information

  • Minimum age requirement of 18
  • Volunteer for 1 – 12 Weeks
  • Airport transfers included
  • All transport to project included
  • Accommodation & Meals provided
  • Price starting from 704€ (2019)

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  • Applications are free
  • 24 hour response time
  • 2-week period to accept service offer
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Many animals are observed with the help of GPS transmitters, their behavior is studied and serves as an important basis for further research for the protection of animals. However, these records are insufficient to establish health status, mating behavior, and other environmental parameters. Therefore, direct observations are also very important. Your working days can be very long and warm and a lot of walking is possible. So you should be physically fit. The reward, however, is indescribable – you will see the wild animals up close and explore important information that serves their protection.

Volunteer tasks:

Tasks in the project include animal counting. Like the camera records, animal censuses provide important information about the behavior of the animals. Currently, two cheetahs live here, which could be reintroduced by the rescue station. You take care of the food preparation and feeding of the animals. Of course, the camp must also be maintained. Such work is also included. In addition, the water points must be checked regularly and repaired if necessary. 
You will also have the opportunity to participate in night patrols to see nocturnal animals. The most memorable experience will surely be a sun-downer drive. You will not forget the sight of the setting sun in connection with the sand dunes!

  • GPS tracking 
  • Camera traps
  • Animal observations and animal counts 
  • Data analysis 
  • Maintenance tasks
  • Recreational activities such as sundowners and star-gazing

Volunteer working hours:

  • Volunteers should be expected to work 8 hours a day. 
  • Working days depends on the current situation on the research site, you should be willing to be flexible. 

Important information regarding the project:

  • Are there internet facilities available at the project? There is no internet available. You should buy a local sim card on arrival.
  • How many volunteers can help? 12 Volunteers at any given time.
  • Any medical recommendations? The project recommends tetanus and rabies vaccine.

You live in a renovated farmhouse and you share a room with other volunteers. In the farmhouse, there are two bedrooms where up to 7 volunteers can sleep. This guarantees a family atmosphere and an individual insight into the work. If more volunteers are in the project, there are also three tents. 
Bedding and towels are provided, but you should bring a sleeping bag. There is electricity but hardly a cell phone reception. You get three meals a day. Vegetarian food is available but must be booked in advance.


  • Accommodation provided in either the farmhouse or tents. (Shared)
  • Bedding & towels provided
  • Electricity available at the project
  • 3 Meals provided daily (Breakfast, lunch, and dinner)

The prices:
Weeks Price
1 704€
2 1208€
3 1712€
4 2216€
Extra weeks 505€/week
Weeks Price
1 805€
2 1359€
3 1914€
4 2468€
Extra weeks 555€/week

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Our services:

Before departure:

  • Placement at project personally visited & approved by a Claim Victory member.
  • Detailed information & service package with all needed information
  • Flight assistance & checking of travel insurance
  • List of fellow travelers who will be joining you at the project


  • Airport transfers (Pick up & drop off) at Windhoek airport (Hosea Kutako international airport)
  • 1 Night accommodation in Windhoek provided (Breakfast included)
  • All project-related transport
  • All project-related costs (Accommodation, meals & activities as stipulated in the project information)
  • Dedicated volunteer coordinator located on-site at the project
  • 24/7 Local emergency assist number of Claim Victory

After return:

  • Feedback/Debriefing (Optional)
  • Certificate of volunteering (Optional)

Want to get the most out of your visit to Namibia? Why not add a tour to your adventure!

2019: (Please note: If you book in 2019, to start in 2020, we will still give you the rate below)
  • Windhoek Namibia introduction experience (+200€)
  • 7 Day Cape Town experience (+349€)
  • 7 Day Garden route adventure (+600€)
  • 14 Day South Africa experience (Cape Town and Garden route combination) (+890€)
  • Namibia introduction experience (+240€)
  • 7 Day Cape Town experience (To be released 01 December 2019)
  • 7 Day Garden route adventure (To be released 01 December 2019)
  • 14 Day South Africa experience (Cape Town and Garden route combination) (To be released 01 December 2019)

Calculate the fees in your own currency

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