Why choose us
  • Exclusive projects in South Africa & Namibia
  • Over 100 Projects to choose from
  • Opportunity to create your own custom adventure 
  • Lowest rates guaranteed
  • 18 years of experience in the tourism industry
  • All inclusive packages
Volunteer requirements
  • As a prospective volunteer, one should consist of the following:
  • Clear criminal record (Police clearances are needed when applying at Social projects)
  • Tolerant and respectful of others, regardless of their backgrounds or differences
  • Eager to explore new countries and new things, also to broaden their horizons
  • Flexible and easily adaptable to different situations
  • Hard working
  • Passionate about a cause (Animals/Humans)
  • Proactive
  • Acknowledges that South Africa and Namibia are developing countries; where the differences will give them new experiences
Volunteer benefits
  • Looks good on your resume (CV)
  • Spend some time in a totally different country while making a difference
  • Make friends from all over the globe
  • Perfect career experience before studying
  • Efficient way to building Character and confidence
  • Special memories that will last a lifetime
  • Growth in special skills
  • Play a positive role in developing countries
Why visit Namibia?

Situated just north of South Africa on the south-western coast of Africa, Namibia is a vast country with a total surface area of more or less 824 269 km2. It mainly consists of a desert and semi-desert environment, with tropical swamplands in the far north-eastern corner of the country. The country has many state-owned parks and reserves covering approximately 16.5% of the total land area and almost 200 privately owned game reserves/farms. 45% of the country’s surface area is covered by conservation through state, community conservancy or private efforts. Namibian people are friendly and approachable and has an excellent track record of being a safe destination to visit. Namibia has loads of volunteering opportunities and has a beautiful scenery to go with it!

Group discounts

We offer discount to volunteers applying in groups

  • Groups of 2 – 5 people: 10% Discount
  • Groups of 6 – 10 people: 15% Discount
  • Groups 11+ people: 20% Discount
Price Promise
  • Lowest rates
  • Successful placement
  • 24/7 assistance and support
  • Huge variety of opportunities
  • Successful placements
  • Visa assistance
  • Flight recommendations


Types of social projects
  • Children’s Homes
  • Safe havens for babies
  • Children’s Hospitals
  • Old age Homes
  • Rehabilitation programs
  • After school programs
  • Sports & recreation
  • Community upliftment
Types of animal projects
  • Wildlife conservation
  • Marine Conservation
  • Zoological facilities
  • Game reserves
  • Equine institutions
  • “Animal Specific” organizations

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