3 – 12 Months Volunteering

Some information regarding the area of the project:

The project is in a village in the Amathole Mountains.

The area boasts with spectacular setting and overlooks some of the highest points in the range including Gaikas Kop.

The area is well known for its peaceful atmosphere and for the scenic beauty.

There are a number of hikes through the mountains, the seaward slopes are thickly forested and is the home to the vulnerable Cape Parrot (poi Cephalus robustus robustus).

There are several waterfalls in the area such as the Madonna and Child and the Bridal Veil.

For those who enjoy something to stimulate the adrenaline there are several rock climbing and abseiling opportunities while fly fishermen can cast for trout in the mountain streams.

The climate of the village is mild and winter snowfalls are not uncommon.


The project’s aim is interested in the furthering of youth and would like to offer the opportunity to persons within the ages of 18 -30 to become three to twelve-month term Volunteer Instructors. This entails working with children and being trained on all the project’s facilities. During their quieter seasons they will also help with general maintenance i.e. maintenance of equipment, painting of signs, painting of buildings, etc.


At the project, instructors will be taught abseiling, climbing skills and bush lore.  We encourage instructors to participate in every activity, but they are not forced to do so if they do not enjoy an aspect of our work.

The work is mostly outdoors and with children but includes training and routine maintenance.  You do not need to be very fit nor do you need any specialist training.

Activities conducted with the children:

  • Abseiling from our 7m or 9m training towers.
  • Abseiling Madonna & Child 35m (Prior arrangement needed and additional cost)
  • Ballistics (Pellet gun, Blow pipes, Catapult)  Camping (Only if arranged beforehand)
  • Canoeing – Flat water (Prior arrangement needed and additional cost)
  • Climbing Wall Lateral
  • Climbing Wall Vertical (9 m)
  • Climbing Wall Overhang (9 m)
  • Compass Course
  • Evening activities in the Recreation Hall  Games during Free Time (Volley Ball; Soccer; Rugby etc)
  • Group Dynamics  Hiking  Jacob’s Ladder (9 m)
  • King Swing
  • Log Challenge
  • Night Hikes
  • Orienteering Courses (Internal and External)  Paintball based challenges (Only if arranged beforehand: Conditions apply)
  • Pony Trails (Only if arranged beforehand: Conditions apply)
  • Raft Building (Flat water)
  • Ropes Course Low (< ½ meter above ground)
  • Ropes Course Middle (+/ – 1.5 m above ground) especially designed for Team Building

Work hours:

When there are no groups in the camp the schedule is as follow: 9:00-13:00 pm – lunch 14:00-17:00 pm 2 weekends out of 4 off

When there are groups in the camp the schedule is determined by their programme.  The work will often only finish at 10:30 pm and start at 9:00 am. 

The project was started in 1947 as an Outdoor Education Centre for disadvantaged children, especially orphans created by the 2nd World War. Since then their focus has remained faithful to disadvantaged children although due to financial constraints, they now also offer education and development to children and adults from paying sectors of the community.

Currently, the project can host 12 Volunteers at any given time

Claim Victory has been working with this project since 2004, providing volunteers to all 3 of the project’s locations.

The volunteers will be housed in a small thatched cottage.  They will share a room with other volunteers.  We try to accommodate the volunteer with a friend if you have to share.

Kitchens are fully equipped with all that you would need for catering, as well as all the cutlery and crockery. Toilet paper, dish washing liquid and rubbish bags are your responsibility if you are pursuing the self-catering option. The project provides all of the equipment for our activities.

Please note: Accommodation is self-catering, meaning you will have to buy and prepare your own meals.

You can volunteer from 3 – 12 months

November, December & January are usually the most busy periods but a stay all year round is available.

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