Social Volunteering Namibia

After school program volunteer Namibia

Prices from 455€ for 2 weeks

This project is afternoon care in Windhoek, which was founded in 2005. During the week, around 170 children are cared for from the first to the seventh grade during the afternoon. 

They get lunch from the project, they are helped with their homework and they get two hours of tutoring in English and mathematics.

Farm school volunteer Windhoek

Prices from 1119€ for 2 weeks

The school was established in 2009 & offers children and toddlers a complete curriculum covering English, Maths, Handicrafts, Sports and the Environment. The little ones learn to read and write, but they also dance, sing and play. The kids are very friendly and love to meet new people 

Kindergarten & Preschool in Windhoek

Prices from 559€ for 4 weeks

The daycare has been operational since 2009 and accommodates 60 – 80 children from the nearby township in Windhoek.

The children come from backgrounds where poverty is a reality. The daycare offers a safe place for children from 2 – 6 years where they can stay during the day while their parents work.

Medical clinic volunteer

Prices from 1119€ for 2 weeks

If you are interested in medicine or already have training in this field, working in the clinic of the project is certainly a great opportunity for you. Previous knowledge is not required. The clinic was opened in 2003 and is located about 3 hours from Windhoek.

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