Animal Volunteering Namibia

Wildlife rescue station volunteer

Prices from 1399€ for 2 weeks

Orphaned and injured wildlife, including lions, leopards, cheetahs, wild dogs, lynxes, baboons and numerous farm animals such as sheep, goats, and chickens live in the sanctuary. Volunteers play an important role in the sanctuary. They take care of the animals and help to keep the station in order and to build new enclosures.

Volunteer with Horses

Prices from 1399€ for 2 weeks

Do you love horseback riding and would you like to explore the fantastically beautiful nature of Namibia? Then get involved in the rescue center in the field of horses! You take care of them and go on fantastic rides with them.

Wildlife foundation volunteer

Prices from 1399€ for 2 weeks

Do you want to work with wild animals, get to know the nature of Namibia and face new challenges? This project is one of the oldest sanctuary in Namibia. It was founded in 1975 by a passionate animal rights activist and has grown more and more over the years, partly because of the support of volunteers from all over the world. The volunteer program exists since 2000.

Social Volunteering Namibia

Farm School Windhoek

Prices from 1119€ for 2 weeks

The school was established in 2009 & offers children and toddlers a complete curriculum covering English, Maths, Handicrafts, Sports and the Environment. The little ones learn to read and write, but they also dance, sing and play. The kids are very friendly and love to meet new people – their enthusiasm and smiles are contagious!

Volunteer at the medical clinic project in Namibia

Medical Clinic Volunteer

Prices from 1077€ for 2 weeks

The clinic was opened in 2003 and is located about 3 hours from Windhoek. She takes care of people from the area who live in extreme poverty and ensures their medical care. In urgent cases, they will be referred to the nearest major hospital, which is 120km away.

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