Animal Volunteering SA

Big 5 conservation at Kruger National Park

Prices from 790€ for 2 weeks

The program is a great opportunity to assist in conservation efforts in the Kruger national park area. The project stretches over 32 000 km2  of land, where animals can roam freely as nature intended. This makes a wildlife sighting so much more special when spending time at the project.

Conservation of Cheetahs program

Prices from 1264€ for 2 weeks

The project was founded to help prevent the further decline of the Cheetah population. They focus largely on captive born and bred Cheetahs, trying to rehabilitate them and release them back in to the wild. They work closely with other organizations who share the same aim of conserving the Cheetah species.

Wildlife welfare and research volunteer program

Prices from 1354€ for 2 weeks

The Private reserve offers a second chance towards wildlife who require help and protection. The aim is to release as many animals as possible after their rehabilitation or recovery, and those animals who can not be released back in to the wild welcomes the reserve as their new home.

Big Cats along the coast project

Prices from 1285€ for 2 weeks

Do you want to do something extraordinary, make a visible difference and support a project that is dedicated to animal welfare? Do you want to experience the intimate moments when everything around you is at a standstill and you can not get out of amazement? This project promises you an unforgettable experience!

Big 5 Wildlife reserve (Malaria-free)

Prices from 1125€ for 2 weeks

Ever wanted to experience the Big 5 and learn all about it? In this Animal Adventure near Port Elizabeth you live and work in a Big 5 reserve! It is an exciting animal welfare project where you experience more than a safari. The project is located near a beautiful small coastal town. There are great beaches, beach bars and everything your heart desires.

Horse rehabilitation Cape Town

Prices from 482€ for 1 week

The first horse was rescued by the project in 1995. They aim to share their passion for horses with anyone who has an interest. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.

Come and learn how to handle and care for these special animals. 

SA Wildlife rescue and rehabilitation program

Prices from 1660€ for 2 weeks

Working together with various different Government conservation departments, as well as international bona fide Wildlife rescue organizations, the project tries to establish a temporary and/or permanent sanctuary for the rescue and rehabilitation of captive, managed and/or free roaming wildlife 

Bird & Wildlife rehabilitation program

Prices from 627€ for 2 weeks

The program offers volunteers the opportunity to work with a wide range of different animal species through it’s rehabilitation program. Sick & injured animals are brought to the sanctuary by the local community. Ideal for those who are interested in helping wildlife or perhaps have a big passion for birds!  

Great White Shark volunteer program

Prices from 1097€ for 2 weeks

This unique volunteering opportunity enables you to spend time collecting valuable data for research regarding these magnificent creatures of the deep.  Among the highlights are taking part in shark cage diving, assisting tourists on the boat and also attending educational seminars about the Marine environment.

Marine wildlife project

Prices from 1099€ for 2 weeks

The project combines environmental protection, sustainability, education, community development, and tourism. The experienced team will help you settle in and learn all about environmental and animal welfare in the area. Learn all about environmental and animal welfare in the area.

Farm animal rescue volunteering

Prices from 482€ for 1 week

The farm serves a safe space for farm animals that are rescued from unsafe situations across the Cape region. The project has been in operating since 2010. On the farm there is about 90 pigs, a flock of sheep, goats, cows, ducks & chickens, dogs, cats & bunnies.The project works in partnership with various animal welfare groups to save & provide a safe home for various farm & domestic animals.

Penguin project volunteer

Prices from 1027€ for 6 weeks

The protection of the oceans is one of the central tasks of the future. The sanctuary provides help to penguins and a large number of different seabirds. The project offers a 24-hour emergency service if injured or sick birds are found and helps with oil spills along the South African coast. 

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