Tour South Africa

South Africa is known as one of the best tourist destinations in the world. We offer Cape Town, Garden Route, and also Kruger National Park adventures!

Volunteer South Africa

Giving you the opportunity to volunteer at various different Wildlife & Social programs all over South Africa

Intern South Africa

We offer opportunities to students looking for practical work experience for their universities, and introductory courses for those who are interested in pursuing a specific career. Wildlife and Social internships available.

Volunteer Namibia

Spend your time teaching the youth at a local township in Windhoek, or joining a Wildlife program outside of the Capital city.

Welcome to Claim Victory!

International Volunteering organization. Making a difference one day at a time. Since 1999, Claim Victory has worked tirelessly to provide the most affordable & ethical volunteering adventures in South Africa & Namibia. With over 20 years of experience, we are confident that we can satisfy all your traveling needs. Our young & dynamic team visits all of our volunteering destinations yearly, making sure our 400+ yearly visitors are truly making a significant difference.

Our services include:

South Africa Travel Programs:

  • Social Volunteering programs at Children’s homes, medical facilities, sport development, community development, and education
  • Animal Volunteering programs at Wildlife reserves, horse riding, sanctuaries, animal-specific projects, marine wildlife, and rehabilitation centers
  • Internships (Hospitality, teaching, veterinary and social work)
  • Travel Adventures in Cape Town and Garden Route (Cultural, adventure & animal-driven)
  • Group Travel Itineraries
  • Volunteering programs for families

Namibia Travel Programs:

  • Social Volunteering  programs, including After school programs, sports development, medical facilities, and farm schools
  • Animal Volunteering at Wildlife reserves, sanctuaries, research facilities
  • Internships (Anti-poaching)
  • Tour packages (Windhoek, Sossusvlei, Etosha National Park, etc.)

Latest Blog News

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In the 1990’s Friends was a hugely popular TV-series where 6 friends shared their, often hilarious, daily lives with us. In one episode, Phoebé, the blonde hippie airhead tried to convince herself (and us) that you can give selflessly. Joey told her that...

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The ABC of Cape Town

Written by: Sorita Musgrave A is for the Atlantic Ocean – cold, beautiful and unpredictable! B is for Beaches – we have so many of them, you can pick and choose! Blouberg, Noordhoek, Boulders Beach… too many to name. You can surf, kite surf, SUP, kayak,...

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Cheetah at the animal care and conservation internship program in South Africa

Animal Volunteering South Africa

The best animal volunteering opportunities at the lowest rates guaranteed! Ethical conservation projects starting  from 482€

Tourists getting their picture taken at the table mountain frame in the Waterfront

Tour Packages South Africa

Enjoy South Africa by joining one of our scheduled trips! Group sizes are usually between 2 – 12 Participants, with specific start dates. No age restrictions. We offer Cape Town, Garden Route, and Kruger National Park.

Child at the teaching internship program in Cape Town

Social Volunteering South Africa

Take part and make an active change in the lives of the people of South Africa. Responsible & sustainable projects starting from 290€

Conservation of cheetahs volunteering program in South Africa

Internships South Africa

University students can apply to complete their practical work in their field of study, in South Africa. There are also opportunities for school leavers to join internship programs to give an idea of what to expect in the working field.


Wild Cheetah in the desert in Namibia

Animal Volunteering Namibia

Book your spot for an unforgettable Namibian wildlife experience! The projects start at 1077€. All projects are approved are visited by Claim Victory team members on a yearly basis.

Tourists getting their picture taken at the table mountain frame in the Waterfront

Social Volunteering Namibia

Take part in helping at various different social projects around the Capital city of Windhoek, Namibia. You can attend between 2 – 12 weeks and prices start from 455€ (2 weeks)

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