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The program offers a hands-on approach to working not only with Great White Sharks, but also the many other species of sharks and rays found in the area. They also have weekly shifts at the local Seabird and Penguin Rehabilitation Centre (SAPREC). During this program you will have the opportunity to complete your NAUI Divemaster/Instructor qualification.

Important Information:
  • Duration: 1, 2, or 3 month internship
  • Region: Western Cape, South Africa
  • Price per person: From 1750€ or $2000 (USD) 
  • Included: Transfers, Accommodation, Scuba qualification, and Volunteer Activities. 
  • Research 90% 90%
  • Education 55% 55%
  • Spending time on the boat 51% 51%
  • Scuba Training 50% 50%

Role of the volunteer

Each program starts from the 1st of each month. The program runs from Mondays to Fridays with the weekends off, leaving you some time to relax and explore. The program is open to anyonewith a real interest in SCUBA
diving, sharks, and the marine world. This program is ideal for those who wish to be involved in something rewarding, educational, exciting and overall enjoyable. Anyone studying biology, marine biology, zoology, oceanography, marine tourism, environmental conservation, animal husbandry, marine filming, etc. will find the program particularly beneficial towards their goals. This program is perfect for SCUBA divers wishing to develop their careers in the field. We also cater for and welcome passionate conservationists who would like to help remove the bad stigma attached to White Sharks due to negative media. They feel it is important to engage the clients of the cage diving trips in a positive way that helps them to better understand these animals. The program schedule is structured, and they try to adhere to it as far as the weather and sea conditions allow. All SCUBA dives/courses will be scheduled based on sea conditions following a daily report from our instructors.

Conservation Projects:

Coastal Clean Ups
The volume of plastic waste in our oceans and on our beaches grows annually.
Unfortunately, so does the number of marine animals and seabirds that are killed
from entanglement and choking on this debris. Our goal is to help keep some of
our favorite dive companion creatures safe from plastic harm. At the same time,
we will be gathering valuable data, to be fed into national and international
databases, helping us to understand the typical waste found in order to tackle the
main problem plastics.

Clean Ocean Diver Workshops
This workshop will involve a lecture on plastic pollution, a practical element to
learn how to safely and effectively remove fishing line from reefs, information on
what’s involved in deep clean diving, an intense specialty dive briefing and a deep
clean dive at a known plastic pollution problem spot. We will also be working
with the Strandloper Project, to recover plastic and ghost fishing gear, from a
recently established survey transect. Afterwards, we will analyze the items
collected and compile data, to feed into both a regional and international

Seabird and Penguin Rehabilitation
Each week we will spend a morning volunteering at SAPREC (Seabird and Penguin
Rehabilitation Centre) where we will help clean enclosures, feed the penguins,
and assist with any other necessary work.

Community Outreach
Involvement in school talks, public talks, radio shows and a puppet show, raising
awareness about ocean conservation and plastic pollution. Helping establish
Clean Ocean Companies, aiming to encourage local businesses to reduce their
plastic pollution impact.


  • DAY 1: Arrive in Mossel Bay. Induction to the
  • DAY 2: Morning: White Shark Cage Diving
    Trip – safety briefing, surface viewing and
    cage diving including crew duties.
    Afternoon: Pool training/ocean SCUBA dive
  • DAY 3: Morning: Early morning White Shark
    Breaching Trip followed by SAPREC shift
    (seabird/penguin rehabilitation)
    Afternoon: Ocean SCUBA dive (training)
  • DAY 4: Morning: White Shark Cage Diving
    Trip – surface viewing and cage dive, client
    perception survey, including introduction to
    Fin ID
    Afternoon: Coastal Clean Up/SCUBA dive
  • DAY 5: Morning: Sustainable Fishing/Shark
    Tagging Trip: Sustainable species/tagging
    presentation, fishing/tagging, seamanship
    Afternoon: Skippers Training Session

Accommodation & Meals

Throughout your program you will stay in self-catering dormitory style accommodation. Each of the rooms in the house are divided according to gender and have two sets of double bunks. There is free Wi-Fi available which makes staying connected with loved ones easy. The accommodation is directly opposite the Ports security office making it one of the safest areas in the region. There is also an affordable laundry service just two doors down for clothing. All bedding is provided.

People shark cage diving in Cape Town
Shark swimming past the cage in cape Town
Shark swimming past the cage in cape Town

The Booking Process

1. Complete our FREE application form

Complete our free online application form indicating when you would like to start and how long you want to participate. We will respond to your request within 24 hours.

2. We send you a invoice and contract

Once we have confirmation of your placement, we will send a invoice and service agreement. You will have two weeks to accept the offer.

3. Deposit payment to secure your booking

Once you have paid the deposit, we will confirm your placement. The balance of your invoice is only payable four weeks prior to arrival. 

Shark swimming in Cape Town

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