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Do you want to work with wild animals, get to know the nature of Namibia and face new challenges?

This project is one of the oldest sanctuary in Namibia. It was founded in 1975 by a passionate animal rights activist and has grown more and more over the years, partly because of the support of volunteers from all over the world. The volunteer program exists since 2000.

Important information

  • Minimum age requirement of 18
  • Volunteer for 2 – 12 Weeks
  • Airport transfers included
  • All transport to project included
  • Accommodation & Meals provided
  • Price starting from 1077€ (2019)
  • Volunteer Visa required (We assist you with the whole process)

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  • Applications are free
  • 24 hour response time
  • 2-week period to accept service offer
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In the refuge, injured, orphaned or abused animals get a second chance. They are cared for, rehabilitated and reintegrated into their natural habitat. The population of lions, cheetahs, and other wildlife has fallen sharply in recent years. Due to the measures of the project, the numbers can rise again a little. If the animals would not survive in the wild, they will get a new home in the project. There live lions, cheetahs, jackals, baboons, monkeys, mongooses, meerkats, antelopes, African wild dogs and many more. The reserve measures 10,000 hectares, of which 2,000 hectares have been used to build various camps and live the animals that can no longer be released into the wild. In the larger part live the reissued animals.

The project is based on the idea that all people and animals have the right to live without pain and hunger.

The rescue station welcomes local and international volunteers and is pleased about anyone who wants to support the project! You should be flexible and ready to help in different areas when help is needed. It is forbidden to touch big predators.

Tasks of the volunteers:

Do you want a unique experience? In this project, you have the opportunity to get an insight into the different aspects of animal and nature protection, animal care, research, and environmental studies. It’s all about exciting excursions, team building, excursions in the area and you learn to “read” the nature and the traces of the animals. Two things are important if you want to get involved in this project: you have to be ready to embark on the unexpected, because you can not plan or anticipate animals and nature, and you have to love animals.

During the morning and afternoon sessions, activities are distributed among the volunteers. There are four areas where you can be used:

  • Area A: food preparation, feeding
  • Area B: Cleaning the cages and enclosures
  • Area C: Dealing with the animals, especially with the young (seasonal)
  • Area D: Accompanying tourists and assisting the tour guide and feeding the big predators (lions, wild dogs, leopards, …)

Depending on availability: If you are involved in the project for at least 4 weeks and there are young animals in the reception center, you also have the opportunity to engage more intensively with them. This is what you just talk about on-site with the project directly.

Working hours:

  • Breakfast is between 06:30 AM – 07:15 AM
  • Lunch is between 12:00 PM – 14:15 PM
  • Dinner is at 18:30 PM 
  • Volunteers should prepare themselves to work 8 hours per day, with the above-mentioned breaks included during the day. 

Additional activities:

  • Cheetah Walks
  • Baboon Walks
  • Lion Interaction (in a Land Rover)
  • Cheetah Sleep Outs (in own sleeping bag)
  • Baboon Sleep Outs (in own sleeping bag)

Important information:

  • Any important factors volunteers should consider? You should be in good health. The project is located in a malaria-free area, but in Namibia there are areas where malaria can occur. Please discuss this with your family doctor. Everyone has to decide for themselves how to deal with malaria. After successful placement, the project needs proof of your international health insurance.
  • Any age restrictions to the volunteer program? Anyone (Male or Female) between 18 – 45 years of age can apply. (If you are above the age limit, you can send a special request.) 
  • Wifi available at the project? Wifi is available but at an extra cost of 50 N$ per week. (+/- 3.50€ per week) 


There is a small village for the volunteers. One lives always four (same-sex) in a log cabin. Toilets and showers are separate and shared by all. Depending on the work area, circumstances, etc., the accommodation may change at short notice. Every Wednesday there is a traditional Braai with lots of music, games, and drinks, which you can buy for a small price at the bar.

Towels and bedding are provided, but you should bring a sleeping bag, as sometimes you sleep in the bush. The village is powered by solar energy, so electricity is not always available. The volunteers have an extra room, about 700m from the property, available in the cell phones, cameras, etc. can be charged. Private rooms for couples are possible but can not be guaranteed (subject to availability).

The food is included and you always help alternately with the preparation. There is a lot of meat. If you have any restrictions (vegetarians, allergies, etc.), please let me know with the booking so that arrangements can be made.

Volunteer accommodation at the Wildlife foundation volunteering project

The prices:
Weeks Price
2 1077€
3 1481€
4 1885€
5 2289€
6 2693€
7 3097€
8 3501€
9 3905€
10 4309€
11 4713€
12 5117€
  • Book to start between 01 October 2019 – 31 January 2020 and receive a 64€/week discount! (Subject to availability)
Weeks Promo rate
2 1013€
3 1414€
4 1821€
5 2225€
6 2629€
7 3033€
8 3437€
9 3841€
10 4245€
11 4649€
12 5053€


Our services:

Before departure:

  • Placement at project personally visited & approved by a Claim Victory member.
  • Detailed information & service package with all needed information
  • Flight advice & checking of travel insurance
  • List of fellow travelers who will be joining you at the project


  • Airport transfers (Pick up & drop off) at Windhoek airport (Hosea Kutako international airport)
  • 1 Night hostel accommodation in Windhoek
  • All project-related transport
  • All project-related costs (Accommodation, meals & activities)
  • Dedicated volunteer coordinator located on-site at the project
  • 24/7 Local emergency assist number of Claim Victory

After return:

  • Feedback/Debriefing (Optional)
  • Certificate of volunteering (Optional)

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  • Namibia introduction experience (+200€)

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