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Wildlife Foundation

Volunteering Program in Namibia

This esteemed sanctuary, established in 1975 by a dedicated animal rights activist, boasts a long and rich history. Fueled by the passion of volunteers from across the globe, the sanctuary has grown and flourished for decades. The illustrious volunteer program, launched in 2000, offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of something truly special. Join a tradition of conservation and make a lasting impact! Project spaces are limited, so please confirm availability before making your booking!

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Project overview


Important information

  • Trip duration: 2 – 12 weeks
  • Minimum age requirement: 18
  • Arrival days: Mondays
  • Tour add-ons available: Yes

Price information

  • Starting from: 1325€ | 1139£$1419
  • Included: Transfers, accommodation, meals and all volunteer-related activities.
  • Excluded: Flights and insurance

What you should know

Give Animals a Second Chance at Our Wildlife Refuge

Our wildlife refuge provides a safe haven for injured, orphaned, and abused animals. We care for them, nurse them back to health, and whenever possible, release them back into their natural habitat.

Sadly, wild animal populations like lions and cheetahs have declined sharply. Our refuge helps reverse this trend by giving animals a second chance.

Forever Homes for Unreleasable Animals

Some animals cannot be released back into the wild due to permanent injuries or because they wouldn’t survive on their own. These animals find a permanent home in our 10,000-hectare reserve.

The reserve offers two distinct areas: a 2,000-hectare sanctuary for animals that can’t be released, and a much larger space where rehabilitated animals roam free. Here, lions, cheetahs, jackals, baboons, monkeys, and many more species live in a natural environment.

Become a Volunteer

We welcome passionate volunteers from all over the world to support our mission.

  • Flexible and Animal-Loving: Be prepared to help in various areas and have a deep love for animals.
  • Unique Experience: Gain valuable insights into animal care, research, and conservation. Learn to track animals and interpret the language of nature.
  • Unpredictable Adventures: Embrace the unexpected! Working with animals and nature means flexibility is key.

Volunteer Tasks

  • Morning & Afternoon Sessions: Tasks are divided into four areas:
    • Food preparation and animal feeding
    • Cleaning enclosures
    • Caring for young animals (seasonal)
    • Assisting with tours, feeding large predators (with proper supervision)
  • Extended Stays: For stays of 4 weeks or more, you may have the opportunity to work intensively with young animals. Discuss this possibility upon arrival.

Volunteer Schedule

  • Breakfast: 6:30 AM – 7:15 AM
  • Lunch: 12:00 PM – 14:15 PM
  • Dinner: 18:30 PM
  • Work Hours: 8 hours per day, with breaks

Enrich Your Experience (Optional Activities)

  • Cheetah Walks
  • Baboon Walks
  • Lion Interaction (from a safe Land Rover)
  • Overnight Experiences (Cheetah Sleep Outs and Baboon Sleep Outs)

Join us and help make a difference in the lives of animals!

Your Home Away from Home

Our volunteer village provides comfortable log cabins for your stay. Each cabin accommodates four same-sex volunteers. Separate toilets and showers are shared by all volunteers.

We understand that flexibility is key when working with wildlife. Your accommodation may change depending on the project’s needs.

Relax and Connect

Every Wednesday, unwind and connect with fellow volunteers at our traditional Braai (South African barbecue) featuring music, games, and drinks (available for purchase at a cash bar).

Essential Packing

  • We provide towels and bedding.
  • Bring a sleeping bag for occasional overnight stays in the bush.
  • Our village is solar-powered, so electricity may be limited. A separate charging room, 700 meters from the village, is available for your electronic devices.
  • While we cannot guarantee private rooms for couples, we will try our best to accommodate your request (subject to availability).

Food and Dietary Needs

We provide meals, and volunteers take turns helping with preparation. Our meals feature meat prominently. If you have dietary restrictions (vegetarian, allergies, etc.), please inform us during booking so we can accommodate your needs.

How our booking process works:

Ready to start planning your adventure? We’re thrilled to have you on board as a travel partner! To get started with booking your trip, simply complete our free, no-obligation application form. You can exit the process at any point before signing our final agreement.

1. Complete application form and confirm booking details

  • You complete our free application form below.
  • One of our representatives will contact you within 24 hours and confirm the details of your desired booking
  • Once all details are confirmed, we process your application and provide provisional booking confirmation.

2. Provisional confirmation, invoice, and contract

  • Once your placement is provisionally confirmed, we send your invoice and contractual agreement.
  • A deposit payment is required and the completed contractual agreement needs to be sent back to us before we can confirm your booking.

3. Booking confirmation

  • Once we receive your booking deposit and completed contractual agremeent, we’ll provide an updated invoice (reflecting your deposit payment), confirmation letter confirming your trip details, and volunteering handbook.
  • We’ll also provide guidelines on how you should book your flights and, if required, any additional transport required during your stay.

4. Balance payment, flights, and insurance

  • The balance of your invoice is payable once month prior to your arrival.
  • You also send us a copy of your flight details and insurance before you start your trip.
  • You’ll also have access to Claim Victory’s support team WhatsApp number before you depart.

Need more information? Get in touch!

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Leopard feeding at the wildlife program in Namibia
Lion eating his prey at the wildlife foundation in Namibia
Accommodation at the wildlife foundation volunteering program in Namibia
Meerkats at the wildlife foundation program in Namibia
Warthog eating his feed in Namibia
Lions relaxing at the wildlife foundation Namibia
Cheetah cub at the wildlife foundation in Namibia
Vervet monkey in the bushes of Namibia

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