Wildlife rescue station volunteer


Orphaned and injured wildlife, including lions, leopards, cheetahs, wild dogs, lynxes, baboons and numerous farm animals such as sheep, goats, and chickens live in the sanctuary.

The terrain is huge so that the animals can move freely in part.

Volunteers play an important role in the sanctuary. They take care of the animals and help to keep the station in order and to build new enclosures.

Important information

  • Minimum age requirement of 18
  • Volunteer for 2 – 12 Weeks
  • Airport transfers included
  • All transport to project included
  • Accommodation & Meals provided
  • Price starting from 1359€ (2020)
  • Volunteer Visa required (We assist you with the whole process)

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  • Applications are free
  • 24 hour response time
  • 2-week period to accept service offer
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As a volunteer, you will have a unique and exciting opportunity to physically participate in areas of conservation, rehabilitation, nursing, and research of African Wildlife. The station is currently a home for orphaned, injured, or conflicted wildlife which includes several Lions, Wild dogs, Leopards, Cheetahs, Caracals, Antelopes, Warthogs as well as smaller mammals and farm animals.

Volunteers are crucial to the sanctuary in regards to caring for the animals in rehabilitation or permanent captivity. They also play a big part in the development of the sanctuary. Please note that as a volunteer you will be required to be very hands-on, but the rewards you will experience are well worth it.

Tasks of the volunteers:

Feeding of wild animals:

  • You will drive with the coordinator and have the opportunity to observe the wildlife while they receive their food. (raw meat)
  • This is an amazing opportunity to learn about animal behavior, but also to get some amazing pictures and videos.

Working with baby animals:

  • Baby monkeys & baboons live at the sanctuary from time to time. You will have the opportunity to take care of them (bathing, feeding, sleeping, etc.)
  • These animals also sleep with you and you can cuddle with them in the night. Please keep in mind that no influence can be exerted on the mating behavior of the baboons & monkeys and that this task does not affect their natural instincts.
  • If not for volunteers, the sanctuary would not be able to welcome so many orphaned baboons and/or monkeys.

Baboon & lynx walks:

  • Some animals can not be released back to freedom. It is all the more important to take care of them and to give them the freedom they need on a regular basis.
  • As they walk, they climb everywhere (including you), running around and enjoying the time outside.

Digging of trenches:

  • New trenches have to be constantly dug out of the site so that new pipelines can be laid and the enclosures can be supplied with water.
  • Although the work is exhausting, as a team with other volunteers it is fun and you can achieve something together.

Digging of waterholes & maintenance:

  • This is a very important task, because only then can the water supply of the animals be ensured.

Controlling of the fences:

  • This work is also very important because the electricity must always have the right strength and no holes etc. may be in the fences.
  • The animals could injure themselves, escape or something dangerous could get into the enclosure.

The working hours:

  • Breakfast is between 07:00 AM – 08:00 AM
  • Lunch is between 13:00 PM – 14:00 PM
  • Dinners are normally at 18:00 PM
  • Volunteers should expect to work a minimum of 8 hours per day, with enough time for breaks included.

Important information regarding the project:

  • How many volunteers can help at the project? 50 Volunteers can help at the sanctuary
  • Any medical recommendations to keep in mind? The sanctuary recommends tetanus and rabies vaccines
There are 2 options for accommodation when volunteering at the wildlife station:

  • Volunteer rooms (up to 3 persons per room of the same sex)
  • Large tented accommodation (2 persons of the same sex or couples)

Summary of the accommodation:

  • Shared accommodation (Comfortable beds, bedding & pillows are provided)
  • Shared bathroom facilities with hot watered showers powered by solar energy
  • Electricity is available with sockets available in the common areas

It’s very important to keep in mind that you will be living in the wilderness and should be prepared to adapt to the circumstances you find yourself in during your Namibian adventure!


3 Meals are provided daily:

  • Breakfast: Bread and cereals
  • Lunch: Pasta, wraps, burgers
  • Dinner: Fish, meat, vegetables with rice, potatoes, etc

Please inform us when applying if you have any special dietary requirements (Vegetarian etc.)

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The prices:

Weeks Price
2 1359€
3 1749€
4 1913€
5 2795€
6 3275€
7 3655€
8 3949€
9 4270€
10 4630€
11 4975€
12 5309€

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Our services:

Before departure:

  • Placement at project personally visited & approved by a Claim Victory member.
  • Detailed information & service package with all needed information
  • Flight suggestions & checking of travel insurance
  • List of fellow travelers who will be joining you at the project


  • Airport transfers (Pick up & drop off) at Windhoek airport (Hosea Kutako international airport)
  • 1 Night accommodation in Windhoek provided (Breakfast included)
  • All project-related transport
  • All project-related costs (Accommodation, meals & activities)
  • Dedicated volunteer coordinator located on-site at the project
  • 24/7 Local emergency assist number of Claim Victory

After return:

  • Feedback/Debriefing (Optional)
  • Certificate of volunteering (Optional)

Want to get the most out of your visit to South Africa? Why not add a tour to your adventure!

  • Namibia introduction experience (+250€)

Calculate the fees in your own currency

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