Bird & Wildlife Rehabilitation

Volunteering Program in South Africa

Program available for solo travellers and families.

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The program offers volunteers the opportunity to work with a wide range of different animal species through its rehabilitation program for sick & injured animals. The local community brings the animals to the sanctuary to receieve complete care and rehabilitation before they are released back into the wild.

Some of the animals are unable to be released back into the wild, making the sanctuary their new home. The sanctuary is also located next to a reserve, which houses various wildlife such as several buck species, Zebras, Giraffes, Buffalo’s, and many more!

Important Information:
  • Duration: 1 – 12 Weeks
  • Region: Eastern Cape, South Africa
  • Price per person: From 699€
  • Included: Transfers, Accommodation, 3 Meals Daily, and Volunteer Activities. 
  • Physical Work 90% 90%
  • Rehabilitation 55% 55%
  • Maintenance 51% 51%

Role of the volunteer

The scope of the project is very big so there is always something to do. Almost all of the baby animals at the sanctuary have been rescued and taken to the ward for care. They are rehabilitated and if their health permits they can be released back in to the wild as soon as possible. These animals need a lot of care and attention, making your work as a volunteer very valuable.

Tasks volunteers an expect to get involved in:

      • Food preparation & feeding
      • Raising of orphaned animals depending on season and conditions
      • Cleaning of cages & enclosures, in some cases also construction & renovation work
      • Checking the fences of the reserve, partly observing & collecting data, evaluations
      • Working in the restaurant of the sanctuary
      • Removal of alien vegetation
      • General maintenance work
      • Assisting in the clinic
      • Spending time with some of the permanent residents (wildlife animals)

You will work 5 days per week with 2 free days (Not always off on weekends)

Accommodation & Meals

Accommodation is provided by the project and you will live on-site. There are shared units available, (up to 8 persons), double and single rooms, showers with hot water & electricity. There is also a living room with a TV which volunteers can make use of during leisure time.

Food is provided:

      • Self-service breakfast (cereal, toast, fruits, tea, coffee)
      • Lunch is usually prepared for the participants
      • Dinner is homemade food, in the summer there are often braai’s (BBQs)

The project does cater for vegetarians, please indicate this on your application form when applying.

Bedroom at the big 5 wildlife volunteer project in South Africa
Accommodation at the bird and wildlife rehabilitation program in South Africa

The Booking Process

1. Complete our FREE application form

Complete our free online application form indicating when you would like to start and how long you want to participate. We will respond to your request within 24 hours.

2. We send you a invoice and contract

Once we have confirmation of your placement, we will send a invoice and service agreement. You will have two weeks to accept the offer.

3. Deposit payment to secure your booking

Once you have paid the deposit, we will confirm your placement. The balance of your invoice is only payable two weeks prior to arrival. 

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