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Volunteer South Africa


African Elephant Research Project

Once teeming with hundreds of elephants, by 1994, only one remained. This park was born from that crisis. Today, thanks to conservation efforts, the park is home to a growing herd of approximately 6 elephants, offering a brighter future for these magnificent creatures. This project has a strong focus on behavioural research.

Starting from 959€ | 820£ | $1019

volunteer feeding the springbok at the wildlife sanctuary in South Africa

Bird & Wildlife Sanctuary Program

This program offers a multifaceted volunteer experience. You’ll contribute to the rehabilitation program for sick and injured animals, providing care for a wide range of species brought to the sanctuary by the local community. The ultimate goal is to release these animals back into the wild, but for those unable to return, the sanctuary becomes their forever home.

Starting from 885€ | 675£ | $949

Cheetah Conservation Program

Saving the Cheetah: Second Chance for a Species on the Brink. The project tackles the decline of the cheetah population head-on. They focus on rehabilitating captive-born cheetahs, equipping them with the skills they need to thrive back in the wild. The project collaborates with like-minded organizations to ensure the cheetah’s future.

Starting from 1109€ | 820£ | $1180

Big Cats Conservation Project

Working together with large, international organizations, the two founders were able to set up the rescue camp for captive-bred cats. Here the animals are protected and have a great new home for the rest of their lives without being constantly sold or used for commercial purposes.

Starting from 1409€ | 1209£ | $1505

Marine Conservation Project

Unleash Your Inner Marine Biologist: Volunteer with Southern Africa’s Ocean Giants! No experience needed, just a passion for the ocean! Immerse yourself in a life-changing experience working alongside incredible marine life – great white sharks, whales, dolphins, penguins, and more. This program is your gateway to adventure, education, and making a real difference in ocean conservation.

Starting from 795€ | 685£ | $849

Wildlife Welfare & Research Volunteering Program

Immerse yourself in a fun, safe, and stunning environment while actively contributing to the preservation of Africa’s magnificent wildlife. This project is your launchpad to a fulfilling career in conservation. Be the change. Be a part of a better tomorrow. 

Starting from 735€ | 630£ | $780

Vervet Monkeys Project

Give Orphaned Monkeys a Second Chance at Love. The sanctuary is home to over 500 monkeys, many rescued as orphans, injured, or abused. We provide them with a loving environment where they can heal and thrive. During baby season (November to February), volunteers have a unique opportunity to Bond with adorable baby monkeys as they adjust to their new home. Make a real difference in the lives of primates.

Starting from 650€ | 559£ | $695

fox at the Wildlife foundation south africa volunteer program

African Zoological Facility

This project is very special. The zoological facility is home to many different animals of all ages that you will take care of. The aim of the project is to give the endangered animals a new, loving home. The project is home to more than 90 different species of animals.

Starting from 1645€ | 1409£ | $1749

volunteer observing wild elephants in the wildlife reserve

Big 5 Wildlife Reserve

Join this animal adventure near Gqeberha and work alongside conservationists while living in a genuine Big 5 game reserve. Go beyond sightseeing – actively contribute to wildlife conservation and gain an unforgettable understanding of these majestic creatures.

Starting from 1435€ | 1235£ | $1529 

Primary School Project

Make a lasting impact by volunteering at a vibrant primary school in the coastal Overberg region of South Africa. This school welcomes children from diverse backgrounds, and you’ll be a part of their daily lives, from classrooms to the sports field. Just as Nelson Mandela believed, education is a powerful tool. As a volunteer, you’ll directly contribute to the development and well-being of these young minds. This program is only available during South African school terms.

Starting from 879€ | 745£ | $945

The community at the social program in the Overberg.

Adults & Children with Dissabilities

Building brighter futures in the Overberg: Supporting Individuals with disabilities. Established in 2009, this program empowers children and adults with disabilities in rural Overberg communities. Recognizing the scarcity of resources, the program focuses on two key areas: Empowering families by equiping them with the knowledge and skills to provide exceptional care for their loved ones with impairments and building a support network.

Starting from 879€ | 745£ | $945

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