Animal Volunteering South Africa

African Elephant Research Project

Prices from 1315€ for 3 weeks

The park was created as a result of the emergency situation of elephants in the surrounding forests. More than 100 years ago there were 400-500 wild animals in the area, in 1994 it was only a single elephant. Recent research has shown that there are about 6 elephants in the forests today.

Volunteer with elephants at Big 5 wildlife project in South africa

Big 5 Wildlife Reserve

Prices from 1185€ for 2 weeks

Ever wanted to experience the Big 5 and learn all about these animals? In this Animal Adventure near Port Elizabeth, you live and work in a Big 5 reserve! It is an exciting animal welfare project where you experience more than a safari. The project is located near a beautiful small coastal town. There are great beaches, beach bars, and everything your heart desires.

Conservation of cheetahs volunteering program in South Africa

Conservation of Cheetahs Volunteering Program

Prices from 935€ for 2 weeks

The project was started to help prevent the further decline of the cheetah population. The project focuses largely on captive born and bred cheetahs, trying to rehabilitate them and release them back into the wild. The project works closely with other organizations that share the same aim of conserving & protecting the Cheetah species.

Elephants enjoying the waterhole at the wildlife welfare and research volunteer program

Wildlife Welfare & Research Volunteering Program

Prices from 1330€ for 2 weeks

South Africa often faces the problem of conflict between humans and animals. This is due to many factors such as farming and land development just to mention a few. The Private reserve offers a second chance towards wildlife who require help and protection.

Lion at the big cats volunteer project along the coast of South Africa

Big Cats Conservation Project

Prices from 1175€ for 2 weeks

Do you want to do something extraordinary, make a visible difference, and support a project that is dedicated to animal welfare? This project promises you an unforgettable experience together with your new two- and four-legged friends!

Cheetah cubs at the Wildlife foundation south africa volunteer program

African Zoological Facility

Prices from 1330€ for 2 weeks

This project is very special. The zoological facility is home to many different animals of all ages that you will take care of. The aim of the project is to give the endangered animals a new, loving home. The project is home to more than 90 different species of animals.

Cheetah cubs at the Wildlife foundation south africa volunteer program

Bird & Wildlife Rehabilitation Program

Prices from 949€ for 2 weeks

The program offers volunteers the opportunity to work with a wide range of different animal species through its rehabilitation program for sick & injured animals. The local community brings the animals to the sanctuary to receieve complete care and rehabilitation before they are released back into the wild.

Penguin at the rehabilitation volunteering program in South Africa

Penguin Rehabilitation Program

Prices from 859€ for 6 weeks

The protection of the oceans is one of the central tasks of the future. The sanctuary provides help to penguins and a variety of different seabirds. The project offers a 24-hour emergency service if injured or sick birds are found and helps with oil spills along the South African coast. The project has been internationally recognized as the first project in the field of seabird rehabilitation.

Penguin at the rehabilitation volunteering program in South Africa

White Shark & Scuba Internship

Prices from 1750€ for 4 weeks

The program offers a hands-on approach to working not only with Great White Sharks, but also the many other species of sharks and rays found in the area. During this program you will have the opportunity to complete your NAUI Divemaster/Instructor qualification.

Social Volunteering South Africa

Cape Town Children's Home

Prices from 439€ for 2 weeks

Around 140 children with and without disabilities, children of ages, live in this volunteer project near Cape Town.  The children’s home has focused on supporting the children and thus enabling them to develop their full potential.

Volunteer at the medical clinic project in Namibia

Cape Town Kindergarten

Prices from 500€ for 2 weeks

The clinic was opened in 2003 and is located about 3 hours from Windhoek. She takes care of people from the area who live in extreme poverty and ensures their medical care. In urgent cases, they will be referred to the nearest major hospital, which is 120km away.

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