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If you are interested in medicine or already have training in this field, working in the clinic of the project is certainly a great opportunity for you. Previous knowledge is not required.

The clinic was opened in 2003 and is located about 3 hours from Windhoek. She takes care of people from the area who live in extreme poverty and ensures their medical care. In urgent cases, they will be referred to the nearest major hospital, which is 120km away.

 Every year more than 3500 patients in the local communities are cared for at the clinic. 40% of them are children and babies.

Important information

  • Arrive and depart from Windhoek
  • Minimum age requirement of 18
  • Volunteer 2 – 12 weeks
  • Airport transfers included
  • Project transfers included
  • Accommodation & Meals provided
  • Price starting from 1359€ (2020) 

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  • Applications are free
  • 24 Hour response time
  • 2-week period to accept service offer
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The villages where you will work are very poor. There live mainly San Bushmen, one of the oldest cultures in the world. On average, people do not even earn 1 euro a month for a whole family. They live in circumstances that are difficult to imagine. There is no running water, families live with several children on a few square feet in garbage cans and there is no supply for them. Tuberculosis and HIV are common, as is alcoholism. Many people suffer from malnutrition, diarrheal diseases, worms, infections, etc.

The clinic has two doctors, a nurse, a receptionist, and 4 translators. They provide to the people both in the clinic and in remote villages in the area. They go there on tours because people have no way to come to the clinic.

There are also feeding programs for malnourished children and babies in children’s homes and nutrition education on various afternoons for mothers and children.

Collaboration in the clinic:

You assist the doctors, work on the admission, measure the blood pressure of the patients, prepare medication, go on a visit, weigh the babies, measure fever, etc. and find out all about the health system in Namibia. You will also accompany the doctors on their tours to the surrounding villages and look after the patients there.

If you already have the experience, the local team is grateful for any information on your part. So an exchange can take place from which both sides profit.

This project is about much more than the medical aspect. You will be confronted with terrible poverty, but with infinite warmth and gratitude. That’s not easy at first. You start your stay in the reception center at Windhoek and have the opportunity to spend some time there if you want.

Volunteer working hours:

  • As a volunteer, you will work 8 hours per day with enough breaks included.
  • However, the exact work plan is determined on-site, depending on the current situation, and discussed with the doctors.

Important information regarding the project:

  • How many volunteers can help? 4 Volunteers at any given time.
  • How many employees work at the project? 8 full-time employees.
  • Any medical recommendations? The project recommends tetanus and rabies vaccine.

When you get involved in the clinic, you live in a bungalow with the doctors and the nurse. Depending on how many volunteers there are, you either have a room for yourself or you (same-sex). There are two bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room with TV. Electricity and hot water are available.

There are three meals a day, which are prepared together by all roommates. Since the clinic can accommodate a maximum of 4 volunteers, it is more like a kind of shared housing, so a very family environment.

The prices:
Weeks Price
2 1359€
3 1839€
4 2315€
5 2795€
6 3275€
7 3655€
8 3949€
9 4270€
10 4630€
11 4976€
12 5310€
Our services:

Before departure:

  • Placement at project personally visited & approved by a Claim Victory member.
  • Detailed information & service package with all needed information
  • Flight suggestions & checking of travel insurance
  • List of fellow travelers who will be joining you at the project


  • Airport transfers (Pick up & drop off) at Windhoek airport
  • All project-related transport
  • 1 Night accommodation upon arrival in Windhoek including breakfast.
  • Dedicated volunteer coordinator located on-site at the project
  • 24/7 Local emergency assist number of Claim Victory

After return:

  • Feedback/Debriefing (Optional)
  • Certificate of volunteering (Optional)

Want to get the most out of your visit to Namibia? Why not add an introduction week to your adventure!

  • Windhoek introduction experience (+200€)

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