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Wildlife Rescue Station

Volunteering Program in Namibia

Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of African wildlife conservation! As a volunteer, you’ll go beyond the tourist experience and actively participate in crucial efforts to protect endangered species. Our tailor-made programs offer a unique perspective on the challenges and rewards of wildlife conservation. You’ll contribute to research, rehabilitation, and daily care, gaining firsthand knowledge about responsible captive animal management.

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Project overview


Important information

  • Trip duration: 2 – 12 weeks
  • Minimum age requirement: 18
  • Arrival days: Mondays
  • Tour add-ons available: Yes

Price information

  • Starting from: 1325€ | 1139£$1419
  • Included: Transfers, accommodation, meals and all volunteer-related activities.
  • Excluded: Flights and insurance

What you should know

Volunteer in South Africa: Experience Wildlife Conservation First-Hand

This program offers a unique opportunity to actively contribute to wildlife conservation in South Africa. Here’s what you can expect:

Hands-on Activities:

  • Animal Care: Prepare food, feed carnivores, and participate in the care of juvenile animals.
  • Cheetah Encounters: Observe cheetah runs and learn about their physiology.
  • Conservation in Action: Assist with projects like building camps, maintaining roads, and fence work.
  • Anti-Poaching Efforts: Participate in “Rhino Rangers Lite” program for wildlife monitoring and patrols.
  • Research: Analyze camera traps and GPS data to support wildlife management.
  • Animal Tracking: Join experienced trackers to learn spoor tracking and identify animal populations.
  • Flexibility: Be prepared for adjustments in the daily schedule due to the nature of the work.

Unforgettable Experience:

  • Witness the rich biodiversity of the reserve and potentially even observe elephant and rhino care.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the realities and challenges of wildlife conservation.
  • Develop valuable skills in animal care, research, and conservation efforts.
  • Create lasting memories and contribute to a worthy cause.

Remember: This program prioritizes your experience, ensuring you have a “wild time” regardless of schedule changes.

Is this program for you?

If you are passionate about wildlife, conservation, and hands-on experiences, this volunteer program is an ideal opportunity for you.

The project offers two comfortable accommodation options for volunteers:

Volunteer Rooms:

  • Up to 3 people of the same sex per room
  • Comfortable beds with bedding and pillows provided
  • Shared bathroom facilities with hot showers (powered by solar energy!)

Large Tented Accommodation:

  • Ideal for couples or 2 people of the same sex
  • Experience the thrill of living amidst the wilderness

What to Expect:

  • Shared accommodation with comfortable amenities
  • Electricity available in common areas
  • Remember, you’ll be living in a beautiful wilderness setting. Be prepared to adapt and enjoy the unique experience!


We provide nourishing meals throughout your stay:

  • Breakfast: Start your day with energizing options like bread and cereals.
  • Lunch: Power through your volunteer duties with delicious options like pasta, wraps, or burgers.
  • Dinner: Savor hearty meals featuring fish, meat, vegetables, rice, and potatoes.

Dietary Needs: We cater to special dietary requirements. Please inform us when you apply.

How our booking process works:

Ready to start planning your adventure? We’re thrilled to have you on board as a travel partner! To get started with booking your trip, simply complete our free, no-obligation application form. You can exit the process at any point before signing our final agreement.

1. Complete application form and confirm booking details

  • You complete our free application form below.
  • One of our representatives will contact you within 24 hours and confirm the details of your desired booking
  • Once all details are confirmed, we process your application and provide provisional booking confirmation.

2. Provisional confirmation, invoice, and contract

  • Once your placement is provisionally confirmed, we send your invoice and contractual agreement.
  • A deposit payment is required and the completed contractual agreement needs to be sent back to us before we can confirm your booking.

3. Booking confirmation

  • Once we receive your booking deposit and completed contractual agremeent, we’ll provide an updated invoice (reflecting your deposit payment), confirmation letter confirming your trip details, and volunteering handbook.
  • We’ll also provide guidelines on how you should book your flights and, if required, any additional transport required during your stay.

4. Balance payment, flights, and insurance

  • The balance of your invoice is payable once month prior to your arrival.
  • You also send us a copy of your flight details and insurance before you start your trip.
  • You’ll also have access to Claim Victory’s support team WhatsApp number before you depart.

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Baboon cuddling a volunteer in Namibia
Bedrooms at the volunteer accommodation in Namibia
Volunteer accommodation in Namibia
Up close and personal with a wild cheetah
Volunteers enjoying a baboon walk in Namibia
Giraffes at the wildlife reserve in South Africa
Cheetah walks in Namibia
Baboon interactions in Namibia
Close-up picture of a meerkat in Namibia.
Cheetah running in the wild in Namibia
Lion eating meat in Namibia
Cheetah hiding behind a tree in Namibia

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