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Wildlife Welfare & Research

Volunteering Program in South Africa

Immerse yourself in a fun, safe, and stunning environment while actively contributing to the preservation of Africa’s magnificent wildlife. This project is your launchpad to a fulfilling career in conservation. Be the change. Be a part of a better tomorrow. 

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Project overview


Important information

  • Trip duration: 2 – 12 weeks
  • Minimum age requirement: 17
  • Arrival days: Tuesdays
  • Tour add-ons available: Yes

Price information

  • Starting from: 735€ | 630£ | $780
  • Included: Transfers, accommodation, meals, and all volunteer-related activities.
  • Excluded: Flights and insurance.

What you should know

Calling all animal lovers! This South African project offers a unique opportunity to work alongside some of the most incredible wildlife species on Earth, including lions, rhinos, elephants, giraffes, cheetahs, and many more.

Make a Difference Every Day:

  • Animal Care: Contribute to the well-being of animals by monitoring enclosures, preparing food, and assisting with research efforts.
    • Track and monitor free-roaming cheetahs.
    • Observe and research wild meerkat and aardwolf families.
    • Participate in game counts to assess wildlife populations.
  • Habitat Conservation: Play a vital role in protecting the reserve’s ecosystem.
    • Patrol electric fences and enclosures to ensure animal safety.
    • Set up camera traps to monitor wildlife activity.
    • Assist with wildlife relocation efforts, when necessary.
    • Mitigate human-animal conflict to promote coexistence.
    • Plant spekboom trees to enhance the habitat.
    • Monitor and control erosion to preserve the land.
    • Collect and create Eco-Bricks for sustainable building projects.
  • Community Upliftment: Support local communities through various initiatives.
    • Assist and support a local farm school.
    • Participate in community projects that promote education and development.
    • Help with farm maintenance tasks like water supply and fence repairs.

Your Volunteer Journey:

  • Typical Day: Workdays run from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, with Saturdays dedicated to essential tasks and fun activities. Sundays are free for you to explore and relax.
  • Learn by Doing: Gain valuable skills in wildlife tracking, data collection, conservation practices, and more.
  • Become a Conservationist: This program equips you with the knowledge and experience to become a champion for wildlife and their habitats.

By volunteering, you’ll leave a lasting impact on the future of conservation! The project wouldn’t be possible without your dedication, and your contributions will directly benefit cheetahs, elephants, local communities, and the overall health of the reserve.

Experience the thrill of living amidst nature! This South African project provides comfortable tented accommodation for volunteers:

  • Spacious Tents: Up to four people of the same gender share a tent, fostering a sense of camaraderie.
  • Basic Comfort: Single beds with cozy duvets and pillows ensure a restful night’s sleep.
  • En-Suite Amenities: Enjoy the convenience of private showers and toilets within your tent.
  • Stay Connected: Charge your devices and access Wi-Fi in your tent and the communal area.

Sustainable Living:

  • Solar Power: The camp prioritizes eco-friendly practices, utilizing solar lighting to minimize environmental impact.
  • Prepared Meals: Delicious meals are prepared by a staff member, with the option for volunteers to assist.
  • Gas Geysers: Enjoy hot water even during occasional power outages, thanks to gas geysers.

This simple yet comfortable accommodation allows you to fully connect with nature while contributing to meaningful conservation efforts.

How our booking process works:

Ready to start planning your adventure? We’re thrilled to have you on board as a travel partner! To get started with booking your trip, simply complete our free, no-obligation application form. You can exit the process at any point before signing our final agreement.

1. Complete application form and confirm booking details

  • You complete our free application form below.
  • One of our representatives will contact you within 24 hours and confirm the details of your desired booking
  • Once all details are confirmed, we process your application and provide provisional booking confirmation.

2. Provisional confirmation, invoice, and contract

  • Once your placement is provisionally confirmed, we send your invoice and contractual agreement.
  • A deposit payment is required and the completed contractual agreement needs to be sent back to us before we can confirm your booking.

3. Booking confirmation

  • Once we receive your booking deposit and completed contractual agremeent, we’ll provide an updated invoice (reflecting your deposit payment), confirmation letter confirming your trip details, and volunteering handbook.
  • We’ll also provide guidelines on how you should book your flights and, if required, any additional transport required during your stay.

4. Balance payment, flights, and insurance

  • The balance of your invoice is payable once month prior to your arrival.
  • You also send us a copy of your flight details and insurance before you start your trip.
  • You’ll also have access to Claim Victory’s support team WhatsApp number before you depart.

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Meerkats at the wildlife welfare volunteering program in South Africa
Lion staring at the wildlife reserve in South Africa
Giraffe grazing in the wildlife reserve of South Africa
Buffalo grazing at the wildlife reserve in South Africa
Accommodation at the Wildlife welfare program in South Africa
Bedrooms at the wildlife welfare volunteering program in South Africa
Social area at the volunteer accommodation of the wildlife welfare program
Oryx grazing in the wildlife reserve of South Africa

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