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South Africa often faces the problem of conflict between humans and animals. This is due to many factors such as farming and land development just to mention a few.

The Private reserve offers a second chance towards wildlife who require help and protection. The aim is to release as many animals as possible after their rehabilitation or recovery, and those animals who can not be released back into the wild welcome the reserve as their new home.

Important Information:
  • Duration: 1 – 12 Weeks
  • Region: Western Cape, South Africa
  • Price per person: From 735€
  • Included: Transfers, Accommodation, Meals, and Volunteer Activities. 
  • Physical Work 90% 90%
  • Research 55% 55%
  • Community Work 51% 51%

Role of the volunteer

As a volunteer in the project, you will play an important role in helping the various wildlife animals have a pleasant stay at the reserve. You will help the reserve in several aspects of everyday tasks, becoming part of their team. All training is provided to you and there is always a dedicated volunteer coordinator who looks after your needs!

The other aspect of volunteering at the project is research. Expect to get involved in research areas such as determining the state of health, observing the animals’ mating behavior, and many more.

Working days can be long and warm and every long with every day providing a lot of activities. You will have the chance to meet like-minded individuals from all over the world, and possibly build friendships that will last a lifetime.

Summary of tasks:

Tasks are divided into groups and rotation takes place every day. This ensures that each volunteer gets the opportunity to take part in every activity:

  • Food preparation and feeding
  • Maintenance of fences
  •  Supervision and care of younger animals
  • Assisting with the construction of new buildings and/or stables
  • Research – Analysis of video recordings, installation of new cameras, data collection, animal counts, etc.

The Meerkat station

The reserve has set itself the goal of protecting the habitat of the Meerkat population located in the area. Meerkats normally live in harsh conditions of the open and semi-desert plains of Southern Africa. They are famously known for their upright posture and social demeanor.

Summary of tasks relating to the Meerkat program:

• Determining the survival rate of Meerkat babies
• Measuring the size of the area of ​​the animals
• Determining the litter size
• When and how Meerkats set up their own family
• Life span of the Meerkats
• How often do females give birth each year?
• Type of insects they eat
• Research social behavior

The working hours:

  • Workdays are Mondays – Fridays (8 hours each day) with enough breaks and free time
  • Saturdays various activities are offered
  • Sundays are always your free day.

Important facts regarding the project:

  • Any special features to keep in mind when choosing this project? You should be physically able to complete all tasks and of course, have a big passion for animals. Please keep in mind that the project work may be exhausting.
  • Should I bring Malaria medication? The project is located in a Malaria-free region of South Africa. No medication needed.
  • When did the project start? The project started operating in 2006.
  • How many volunteers can participate? 20 volunteers at any given time.

    Accommodation & Meals

    Volunteers will stay in large tented accommodation. (maximum 4 people per tent of the same gender) These tents cannot be compared to normal tents which can be found on campsites. They are large and fitted with comfortable beds. The tents are equipped with a bathroom (Shower, toilet, and sink) with electricity also provided.

    You will receive 3 meals per day:

    • Mondays – Fridays
    • Breakfast (Cereals, bread, etc.)
    • Lunch (Pasta, wraps, burgers, etc.)
    • Dinner (Meat with vegetables and rice etc)

    Tea & Coffee are available the whole day. You can also buy snacks from a small shop at the project.

    Please be sure to inform us of any dietary requirements you might have. (Vegetarian etc.) The project is able to cater for all dietary needs of a volunteer.

    Hippo at the wildlife welfare and research volunteer program South Africa
    Tented accommodation at the Wildlife welfare and research program South Africa
    Giraffe at the wildlife welfare and research program in South Africa

    The Booking Process

    1. Complete our FREE application form

    Complete our free online application form indicating when you would like to start and how long you want to participate. We will respond to your request within 24 hours.

    2. We send you a invoice and contract

    Once we have confirmation of your placement, we will send a invoice and service agreement. You will have two weeks to accept the offer.

    3. Deposit payment to secure your booking

    Once you have paid the deposit, we will confirm your placement. The balance of your invoice is only payable two weeks prior to arrival. 

    Lion at the Wildlife foundation south africa volunteer program

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